Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mom, Mama, Ma, Mommie, Mamasita ~

One of the most priceless gifts I've had the pleasure to experience was having a little human grow inside my body, not once, but three times. 

VINCENT came into my life when I was still a baby myself; barely 18 and a Senior in high school.  He taught me quickly how to be responsible, to grow up into a mature woman and what it meant to love unconditionally.  Our relationship today isn't as close as I hoped, but I have faith that God will restore it to be exactly as it should, in His time.

RYAN came a few years later.  He showed me patience, how to have fun, laugh at myself and stand up for what you believe in. He was the most difficult to bring into this world and it brings joy to my heart to see the grown responsible young man he has become and who does "little things" for his mom to show his love and affection.


TAYLOR was the last of my three.  She taught me perseverance through difficulties, forgiveness and how to restore relationships when pain and broken trust were involved.
The transformation in her life in the last two years shows pure inspiration that regardless of circumstances, with the grace of God's hand, change is possible.  She has become confident, kind and thoughtful, often putting others first.

As Mother's Day has passed I am filled with love in my heart as I think of my three children; what they taught me, who they helped me become and what a blessing each one is in their uniqueness. They are all have a piece of me, yet they are all very different.  Every day is Mother's Day for me. Everyday I am thankful be called, "Mom, Mama, Ma, Mommie, Mamasita" or whatever other nickname my kids give me at that moment.

I keep close to my heart the joy each child brings to me. I remind myself often what a perfect creation from God they are.  Thank you my Heavenly Father for the three gifts of life you've loaned to me.

Teach your children to choose the right path, and when they are older, they will remain upon it. ~ Proverbs 22:6 ~

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