Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Let go and Let in Life ♥

Life stinks sometimes, right?

Our natural being desires to belong, fit in, to be loved, accepted and wanting to be number one in someone's life.  And to make things comfortable in our environment according to how we think they should be, we try to control.

Haven't we once in our lifetime wanted to be enough to make a person change their habits or addictions? Haven't we wanted to be liked because of what we've accomplished, what we possessed or what we look like? I have.  When we try to manipulate life or people, we try to take control of it and them. 

When I reflect on my addiction of co-dependency, I sometimes still cry inside about it.  Looking at how deep my addiction was I see the self deception I created in my life. Self deception is a lonely and dark place.  I am saddened to think that I had to force people to like me, allow myself to be victimized to get attention and manipulate my circumstances to fit into my world view of what life should be like for me.  It was selfish way to do life.

When I finally realized how out of control my life was and my illusion of control was just that, "an illusion", was when I finally succumbed to my circumstances and the paralyzed state of denial slowly began to break down.   

When we let go of trying to force things, and just become who we we are meant to be and fulfill our purpose in why were put on this earth, only then will we stop wasting precious time, our happiness, and a life that is full of amazing people and experiences.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that we will face hardships and difficulties, but if we choose to just let it be, stop struggling and trying to control what is not in our control to begin with, only then will we have victory.  Awful stuff will happen and the only thing we have control of in those times, is our attitude about it.  Acceptance to circumstances does not mean you are giving up, condoning it or even agreeing, but in acceptance, it gives us the ability to make the most of what you have at that present moment.

Choose to change the way you think.  Choose to have an attitude that expresses thankfulness and gratitude in life. Stop robbing yourself of joy and happiness.  There will always be someone out there, who's circumstances are far worse than our own and yet I bet in we could find smiles upon those people's faces.

Yesterday, I attended a funeral of a friend's brother and although her and her family were deeply saddened by their loss of this amazing young man, I think of what each person said when they shared their thoughts about him. Time after time I heard how he was always "Happy" and always had a smile on his face. We could learn a lot from this young man.  He had the right idea about life, especially in his circumstances which confined him to a wheelchair.  When I think of him there are three words that come to mind ~ Smile - Happy - Happy ~

Try it ...... just for today ~

Let go of control.  Let go of anger.  Let go of resentments.  Let in Forgiveness. Let in Love. Let in Joy.  Let in Life!

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