Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The 4 "R's" ~ Refocus.Reprioritize.Recenter.Renew.

Over the last year there have been events that have put me where I am at this moment. Over the last few months I've had this "tug" at my heart. Over the last couple weeks there have been circumstances that have brought me to ~ TODAY ~

And today, I continue to remove distractions that "pull" my focus away from being a woman of Integrity and a woman of God.  It's time start anew and to fill my life with truth. Below are some tips that I've found to be helpful.

~ REFOCUS ~ Assess my current situation and priorities.  Pray on what needs to be corrected. Listen to the voice of God. Don't dismiss drastic changes that may seem unreasonable or difficult to let go of.  If they are that difficult, I've placed too much attachment upon it.  Tweak my mind and allow changes.  Be open to God's direction.

~ RE PRIORITIZE ~ God must be first.  My day begins and ends with him.  Find balance in my life. Remove negative influences that may hinder my growth. Remain aware of what affects my attitude, my thoughts, my actions and my desire to be better.  Continue to allow my spirit to grow with prayer and daily reading.  Keep my passion for God strong with awareness of what tempts me to further myself from my relationship with him.  

~ RECENTER ~ Return to my place of blessings. When I begin to feel overwhelmed by life I need to remind myself of all my blessings. I must think differently. Reflecting and gaining perspective is only one step in the process but it is valuable and important. Rid what hinders my growth. Anything that has more influence in my life than God is an idol and moves me away from God. Moving away from God distances me from righteousness, stability, wisdom, peace, and contentment

~ RENEW ~ I must change the way I think. I need to surround and involve myself with an uplifting group or community. Engage in activities that encourage the changes I want to make. Develop relationships with those who have common goals and interests as I do. Change my habits.  Change is one of the most difficult things to do because we are comfortable with our "old self".  Do not settle for pseudo and/or temporary happiness or pleasures. God wants more for us than that and deep down, so do we.  

It is never to make lasting changes, so why not start now? God loves us regardless of what we've done. I've learned that your past does not define you. Ask for his forgiveness and accept his unconditional love. He wants nothing more than to shower us with his AMAZING GRACE, MERCY and LOVE.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

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