Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Month. New Beginnings.

New month, New beginnings, New changes. Make it count. Don’t Regret. Remain positive. Never look back. Keep moving forward. Reach your goals. Remove negativity.  Be patient. Appreciate others. Cut loose what brings you down. Be honest. Don't be passive. Accept the good with the bad. Stand up for your beliefs. Challenge yourself. Make a choice. Follow through. Let your character shine. Accept responsibility. Do what you say. Persevere. Practice consistency. Be genuine. Speak the truth. Allow change. Keep your promises. Conquer your fears. Release anger. Respect others. Value yourself. Live with integrity. Make amends. Be disciplined. Stay focused. Live ethically. Remove guilt. Inspire others. Express thankfulness. Never lose faith. Be confident. Watch your actions. Forgive yourself. Embrace humbleness. Forgive others. Be accountable. Allow emotions. Choose your words carefully. Be an example. Demonstrate compassion. Believe you can. Set boundaries. Learn from each experience. Show LOVE towards yourself and those in your life. Life can change in a split second so make each second count

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