Wednesday, February 13, 2013

With God Leading.......

As I continue in life, more than anything I want to be love; express it, show it, give it, become it. Every day I must work at it, practice it. When I'm hurt, offended, put in difficult situations or tested to trust God I have to remind myself that he places all of these before me, and trust he knows what is "best" for me.  

As I grow in Christ, my personal relationships are faced with new challenges as well.  Recently I shared what I desire my partner (spouse to be) to possessnot only my requirements, but God's.


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I will wait until God places this person in my life. In doing so we both will be serving and honoring a merciful and loving God. Together we will build a strong and genuine relationship as it was meant to be - in REAL AUTHENTIC love, not FALSE love.

  • A man who loves God above all. In putting God first and allowing him to be enough to suffice his every need, desire and want he will be fulfilled and know that no matter what is placed in his life, is a gift from God.

  • A man of integrity. A man who goes against the pull of outside elements. A man who asks Jesus Christ for guidance. A man who is willing to live by values and ethics. A man who isn't ashamed to share the truth of who Jesus Christ is.

  • A man who will love my family as his own. A man who will do what a father would for his own child with complete and unconditional love.

  • A man who is authentic, honest and truthful. A man who will communicate in the most difficult times and a man who will listen with an open heart and a non-judgmental view.

  • A man who will lead me, love me, help me, protect me, defend me, adore me, support me and provide for me and my children according to the ways of the truth; Gods truth.

  • A man who builds a strong and loving Christ based home with everyone within it as Christ being the focus and foundation.

  • A man who will take the initiative in things of importance and relevance in a loving, respectful and caring manner.

  • A man who will seek answers from outside sources (church, bible, pastor, etc.) if he can not find the answers to something or he can't find a solution to.

  • A man who is willing to understand that everything can't be fixed. That GOD is controls what happens in our lives and our household.
  • A man who will promise that when we unite as one it WILL be as God intended it to be❤

And when I look at this man I will KNOW that he is a man of God through his actions and his lips. He will display his love for God before anything else and he will not be ashamed of what he stands for in Christ.

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